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How to do aromatherapy at home

How to do aromatherapy at home

THE aromatherapy at home offers an opportunity for relaxation and well-being. Put selected aromatic oils and candles on your wellness shelf, to create an environment that favors the revitalization of body and spirit in the comfort of your home.

The benefits of aromatherapy

THE aromatherapy  offers renewal and relaxation  in your daily life. Aromatic oils stimulate the senses and create an atmosphere of well-being that helps you live better. From enhancing concentration to relieving stress and revitalizing the spirit, aromatherapy is a simple and effective way to positively impact your psyche and feel good.

Fragrances and what each offers you

There are many perfumes to do aromatherapy  at home. Each of them has its own properties. You, choose the scent that your home aromatherapy will have, depending on how you want to feel during this time.

So what does each fragrance offer you? We collected them all in one list:

  • The jasmine , a liberating ancient scent that gives you inner peace. Ideal for evening relaxing aromatherapy, in a quiet environment.
  • THE lavender , with its light aura, hugs your soul sweetly when you feel intense anxiety. Ideal to extinguish insomnia and calm anxiety.
  • The favorite sandalwood , decisively perfumes the space and offers you peace of mind, especially on days when you had intense moments at work.
  • The rose accompanies your creativity, reviving the spirit and renewing ideas and thoughts.
  • The Orange  it gives the space vitality and you joy and energy. Use perfumes with notes of orange to start your day with an excess of energy.
  • Green apple acts as a room detox, removing other odors, such as smoke and humidity. Choose it to liven up your space and feel comfort and positive energy.

Do you want to perfume your space so that atmosphere to smell cleanliness? Choose from the following fragrances:

  1. Green apple & herbs
  2. Cotton
  3. Orange
  4. Lemon Cake

5 ways to do aromatherapy at home

There are many ways to enjoy it aromatherapy experience at home . Light a scented candle and let its fragrance relax you. Enjoy a warm aromatic bath or have a therapeutic massage with aromatic oil. Let's look at these and a few more cases to bring the experience of an aromatic spa to your home!

Aromatic candles

The aromatic candles  they can with their light and unique aroma create a magical feeling around. Each fragrance emerges, creating images and feelings. From their warm light to the gentle embrace of their scents, scented candles are the ultimate refreshing experience  which you can so easily experience every day.

They transform your home into a world sometimes of mystery and charm, and sometimes of renewal and absolute purity.

Scented bath & body products

The scented body products  they are like magical elixirs that transform your everyday bath into a dreamy relaxation experience. Exotic extracts and selected ingredients embrace your senses and offer you a journey to a world of harmony and well-being, leaving behind the stress and fatigue of the day.

Leave it to one relaxing  aromatic wave, under the hot shower  and feel the calm embracing you every second you spend, in the company of your favorite perfumes.

See body scrubs

Aromatic oil massage

The massage with aromatic oil  it's another way to feel real well-being, especially if you have a willing volunteer to give you the massage. However, you can take care of your skin yourself by choosing a body oil with natural abyssinian oil . While you enjoy the aromatic experience of the body oil, that deeply moisturizes the skin  and provides antioxidant protection.

After such a massage, get ready to feel euphoria, relief and well-being. With natural oils and wonderful exotic aroma notes, massage with aromatic oil becomes an experience of pleasure that you will want to live every day!

Scented wax melts

In addition to the common home aromatherapy methods, now you have wax melts . A burst of perfect scent combinations unfolds in the space, as well the hot wax melts  in the melter, releasing its notes everywhere. Choose your personal favorites, and we at candelinas send them to you every month wherever you ask!

Try our all-season best-sellers:

Combination of aromatic experiences

Of course, you can always combine these aromatic experiences. A relaxing aroma oil massage next to a slowly melting snap bar completes the experience, letting your body and mind calm down. Discover one refreshing wellness world  at  where you can have him at home at any time!


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