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Fragrance Descriptions

Almond Blossoms:

Sweet almond aroma combined with herbal notes and vanilla base. It will remind you of the almond blossoms of Spring!

Amber Leaf Tobacco:

It is a classic proposal for an anti-smoking fragrance. It starts with aromatic notes of green apple and spices, continues with the pleasant blend of herbs, caramel and wood, and finishes with sweet notes of vanilla, amber and tonka.

Anjou Pear:

A fragrance that takes us on an autumn afternoon. It starts with fruity notes, green elements and a touch of spices. In its heart, flowers, notes of caramel and delightful fruits emerge, while at the end, it embraces the senses with sweet notes of pear and scents of musk.

Apple Pumpkin:

A delightful, mouth-watering aroma with top notes of apple and pepper, leading to middle notes of caramelized apple and cinnamon on a cotton candy base.


Inspired by a well-known women's fragrance. A refined combination of fragrances awaits you! Iris, jasmine, orange blossom and patchouli on a base of exquisite sweet treats. Sensually sweet and floral.

Black Cherry & Sandalwood:

Top notes of sweet black cherry, strawberry and blackberry on an earthy base of sandalwood and musk. Simple yet shocking and balanced combination!

Black Coconut:

Top notes of coconut, pineapple, peach and plums, middle notes of spices, woods and vanilla on a caramel base. A distinct coconut in a balanced scent you will love!

Black Orchid:

Black Orchid will seduce you as it is made from an intoxicating heart of orchid and lotus wood with soft notes of ylang ylang, bergamot and truffle. With its sensual base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver and dark chocolate, this fragrance will make you feel like royalty.


This fragrance is rich and woody, intertwined with nutmeg & patchouli on a base of amber and tobacco. It was created to evoke the feeling of reading old leather-bound books by the fire.


An aroma that truly resembles freshly baked bread, enriched with soft notes of butter and sweet caramel.


At the call of night, an imposing woody fragrance is born. With an almost childlike nostalgia of praline notes combined with notes of cedar and pine, a sweet mystery seems to unfold in the dim light. A wonderful fragrance spreads quietly, bringing with it a bit of mystery and the sweetness of beautiful memories. Perfect for relaxing evenings.

Champagne & Strawberries:

Notes of fresh red berries and strawberries with bubbly champagne, on a base of gardenia and musk. All the best for a special night!

Choco Citrus Temptation:

Notes of orange are immersed in a rich aroma of dark chocolate, creating a temptation that does not take a moment to resist. Create a sweet atmosphere reminiscent of freshly baked chocolate orange cookies. Everyone in the house will love this unique scent of coziness and warmth.

Cotton Linen:

A warm, intimate scent of fresh laundry with top notes of bergamot peel and leafy greens, leading to a heart of lily and rose petals, on a base of white cedar and violet leaf.

Ginger Cookies:

Top notes of spicy ginger and orange, middle notes of cardamom and clove, and base notes of creamy nutmeg and cinnamon come together to bring a rich, subtle fragrance to life.

Happy Days:

A wonderful and seductive women's fragrance. Top notes of salt, mandarin and bergamot, middle notes of jasmine, water lily and caramel and base notes of balsam, tonka, musk and Madagascar vanilla.

Jasmin Twilight:

A subtle aura of coconut and juicy strawberry fades into hypnotic jasmine aromas. As the moon disappears into the veil of night, evening primrose enchants you and vanilla spreads a soft, sweet sensation in the atmosphere. Ideal for a relaxing bath and beauté evenings.

Just Vanilla:

Top notes from sweet peach and pineapple. Middle notes of white jasmine, wild rose and heliotrope and a base of buttery vanilla, tonka bean, sweet caramel and clean musk. A fragrance you will love!

Lemon Cake:

The freshness of lemon takes on a sweet form through the aroma of Lemon Cake. Give a sense of freshness and wellness to your bathroom and indulge in a familiar and cool aroma. Feel the renewal with the Lemon Cake snap bar and take care of yourself when you need it most.



There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked gingerbread! Bring this fragrance into your home with top notes of biscuit, cinnamon, honey and sugar on a spicy nutmeg base.

Morning Latte:

When coffee meets butterscotch and rich cream, your life gets sweeter. Sit somewhere comfortable and enjoy your morning in the company of the most delightful smell of hot coffee at home, in the office or in the store. Now the refreshing aroma of a Morning Latte lasts as long as you want!

Musk Powder:

Tangerine and lemon notes add a subtle, fruity touch, creating a joyful dance of natural aromas, complemented by a soft vanilla aura. Wake up your senses sweetly like a warm spring day at home. In this sweet harmony, you will discover that it is so easy to lift your spirits. Ideal for a calm atmosphere in the morning at home and in the office.


Bring the aroma of a classic Christmas story home with this warm, festive and delicious fragrance. Notes of freshly roasted chestnuts and walnuts combine with soft, spicy nuances of white ginger, cinnamon and cloves, nestled among a swirl of fresh coffee and vanilla. This Christmas let the fragrant notes fill the air like fluffy snow falling.


Inspired by a designer fragrance. An addictive fragrance full of gourmet flowers and notes of black coffee, white flowers and vanilla. It manages to be sweet and sensual at the same time!

Orange Cinnamon:

Cold winter nights call for lively perfumes with warm and spicy top notes of orange leading to a base of cinnamon and clove. Enjoyable and toned!

Orange Elixir:

Your day gains the vitality it lacked with a scent of carelessness and fruity longing. Freshly cut citrus fruits and juicy fruits create for you an atmosphere full of energy, so that you can start your day with enthusiasm. The fruity sensation is completed with a soft woody finish, everything you need to accompany you from morning to evening. Try it if you work from home or read long hours.


A rich and delightful blend with intense notes of chocolate, caramel, wild berries, honey, coconut and mocha that no one can resist!

Pure Powder:

Top notes of bergamot and freesia. Middle notes of powder and lily of the valley and a base of tonka bean and white musk.
A fragrance you will love!

Salted Caramel:

A rich smell of notes of butterscotch, brown sugar and creamy vanilla along with a dash of salted butter creates an aroma you want to taste!

Satin Oud:

Roses bloom in sequence, creating an exotic harmony with vanilla and subtle woody notes. A fragrance that is a promise of adventures in faraway places and an opportunity for inspiration. Ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere and mood for conversation.

Sleepy Dreams:

This snap bar has been specially created to help you upgrade your bedtime rituals. A soothing and sensual blend of fragrances that induce relaxation to help you enjoy a restful sleep. Top notes of coconut and peach are followed by a heart of French lavender, lilac and chamomile supported by base notes of cedar wood and vanilla.

Smokey Grace:

With classy refinement and an elegance balanced between its smokey character and the subtle note of jasmine, Smokey Grace brings to mind baroque halls with their wooden armchairs and velvet curtains. Time stands still for a moment and the atmosphere is filled with imperial splendor. An ideal fragrance for spaces with a maximalist mood and intense character.

Spiced Vanilla & Tonka:

A creamy and delightful blend of smooth white vanilla, wonderfully spicy and interwoven with sweet amber on a warm base of cedar and velvety musk. It stands out from any other vanilla!

Sugared Vanilla Cookies:

A mouth-watering delight for the senses where sweet vanilla blends with creamy caramel and white chocolate on a base of warm spices. They will become your favorite cookies!


Like a sunny morning! Top notes of green leaves, lemon and apple, middle notes of peach and jasmine on a woody base.

The Muse:

Muse, the feminine fragrance, starts with fresh notes of orange blossom and bergamot, fills with sweet notes of strawberries and jasmine and finishes with dynamic notes of musk, amber and cedar.


The favorite Italian dessert in our house! It starts with notes of coffee, milk and butter continuing with notes of more intense coffee while closing with notes of vanilla, caramel and wood.


Top notes of mastic, middle notes of strawberry and sunflower, base of vanilla and tonka. The smelliest bun you've ever tried!

Warm Cinnamon Bun:

The aroma of cinnamon becomes a sweet atmosphere by the fireplace that brings to mind family moments and real peace. With a touch of freshly baked Cinnamon Buns, your home becomes the place everyone wants to come to relax, dine and share good stories.

White Musk:

Rich top notes of ylang-ylang and lemon with a floral addition of violet, rose, iris and jasmine.

White Sandalwood:

This fragrance contains notes of woods, powder and green elements with a trace of oriental influences.


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