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Candelinas brings scented candles and snap bars to Ermou

Did you know that you can now buy your favorite scented candles and snap bars after a walk or a shopping therapy in Ermou?

But now you can, as at Candelinas we have acquired our own store full of perfumes and unique snap bars in the shape of chocolate.

In this article we will discover more about our new store. Let's start!

Scented Candles in Ermou – Our physical store

At Candelinas we love to become a part of your home too, through one of our scented candles in the shape of chocolate, and of course their scent.

Although we have been through our products in many homes, we realized that the time has come for us to have our own home.

Thus, we created our physical store in the most accessible, central and naturally commercial street of Athens, and perhaps of the entire country, Ermou!

Specifically, our physical store, where you can buy our products, is located at Ermou, 34, in Athens.

Find the best gifts in Ermou with a visit to Candelinas

Now, with a simple visit to Ermou, you can see your favorite scented candles and snap bars up close , smell them and take them home with you.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to see up close the new body care products we have created.

Some of the unique scented candles you can find in Ermou

#1 Rainy Day

A unique aromatic snap bar for those who love the scent of rain. Rainy Day is waiting for you at our store in Ermou, to take you on a journey with its unique fragrance.

Fresh mint, oak wood and laurel oil are combined with a sweet but at the same time earthy aroma that prevails in the atmosphere on rainy days.

#2 Stress Relief

Are you looking for a scent that will make you relax after a hard and demanding day? At Ermou 34, we have the ideal aromatic snap bar for you!

Stress Relief is inspired by the bubble bath of the same name and does exactly what it says. Let yourself relax and de-stress with the help of rosemary and eucalyptus.

#3 Sugared Vanilla Cookies

Another flavored snap bar that you will find in our store in Ermou is Sugared Vanilla Cookies !

A mouth-watering delight for the senses where sweet vanilla blends with creamy caramel and white chocolate on a base of warm spices. They will become your favorite cookies!

In a few words

Our new store has opened and awaits you on a journey to the land of perfumes. There, you can find a collection of unique snap bars and handmade soy candles that you will love.

Will you still visit us?

If you want to know more about our products, you can read in detail the descriptions of our perfumes and visit our Facebook page .

If you still need more information, you can send us a message and we will contact you soon!


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