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Scented snap bars and candles: Why choose them?

There is something undeniably relaxing and charming about scented candles. They have the power to transform a space, create a relaxing atmosphere and evoke pleasant memories.

Sta At Candelinas we love fragrances and for this reason we create handmade soy wax melts in the shape of our beloved comfort food, chocolate.

In this article, we will explore the scented world of candles and why they are a must-have choice for your space.

How the fragrance emerges

The aromatics snap bars are candles infused with scented oils that release the scent when burned.

In different shapes, sizes and scents, they cover all preferences and needs. From fresh citrus to calming lavender, there's a scented candle for every mood and occasion.


Scented candles offer several benefits, making them a must-have addition to any home:

#1 Aromatherapy

Fragrances can even have therapeutic properties, relaxing after a tiring day, relieving stress and instantly improving mood.

#2 Create an atmosphere

The soft glow and seductive scent of a scented candle can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for an evening with loved ones or quiet moments of solitude.

#3 Decorative element

The melter that you will find at Candelinas are in themselves a wonderful piece of decoration, together with the colored and musky snap bars of our collection will beautify your space immediately.

The handmade difference

Handmade scented candles are made with care and attention to detail, they often feature high-quality, plant-based ingredients such as soy, which are burned cleaner and more uniform than traditional paraffin wax.

This results in a longer lasting pleasant fragrance that fills your space without producing harmful byproducts.

In addition, handmade candles contain high-quality fragrance oils or essential oils, ensuring a more authentic and luxurious fragrance.

Handmade Scented Soy Candles: A sustainable and eco-friendly option

Soy candles are made from soybean oil, a renewable and biodegradable resource. With respect to the environment, they have countless benefits, the main ones being the following:

#1 Cleaner burning

Soy candles produce less soot than traditional paraffin candles, resulting in cleaner burning and reduced air pollution.

#2 Longer burn time

Soy candles burn more slowly and last longer than their paraffin counterparts

#3 Better perfumes

The lower melting point of soy wax allows for a more gradual release of the fragrance, creating a more subtle and evenly distributed fragrance.

3 reasons we love perfumes snap bars and candles

#1 Selfcare
Pampering yourself with a scented candle makes your routine even more relaxing and is a real gift to yourself.

#2 A perfect gift
Scented candles are ideal gifts for friends, family and colleagues.

#3 Like a Journey
Scented candles have the power to take you on a journey with their scents. Each candle can take you to a new destination!


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