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How to use your wax melts and melter for maximum enjoyment

All the tips to use wax melts correctly

Welcome to our company! The box of wax melts has arrived at your door and is ready to fascinate you.

And now, it's time to solve all your questions about its correct use. To accompany you in all the beautiful moments in your home, you need to know all the tips to use it correctly.

Whatever you have chosen, from the fresh Cotton Linen , the sweet Patisserie , or the fruity Black Cherry & Sandalwood , the only thing is certain that you will enjoy it every moment and it will flood your home with wonderful smells.

How to use wax melts and the melter

First, open the box and give yourself the chance to smell the fragrances and let them take you on a journey. Choose the one that fits your current mood and break some pieces.

Store the rest in its packaging and inside the box in a cool place. Take your melter and place it where you like it the most so you can see it lit up.

For example, put it on your favorite reading table, dining room, or coffee table. It is good to put it in a room where you will not have an open window and at some distance from you so that the smell is not too strong.

Now let's find out what melters are and how they work

It is a burning vessel used to melt wax melts or oils, except that in the case of wax melts the addition of water or any other substance is not used.

We arrived at the choice of melters after research. They have the specific size to keep the reso from the "saucer" a proper distance so that the heat is ideal to gradually melt the wax melt and in this way to perform evenly in the space.

The melters are ceramic and some of them are handmade, so they don't blacken easily and can be cleaned with a wet cloth, in addition they have an aesthetic that fits almost everywhere.
Wax Melter

Choose to use a 4-hour reso, odorless and ideally with some vegetable wax. Then, after the surface of the melter has warmed up a bit, you can put 1 or 2 pieces of your favorite bar in the "saucer".

It is better to place the bar pieces you have chosen together, so that they melt evenly and the performance of the aroma is better. Once they are completely melted, if you want more intensity or the smell is now weakened, you can add another piece to refresh it.

It all depends, of course, on how big the room is and how intense you want the scent to be.

Take a look at our collection and find fragrant wax melts and handmade melters! Discover the collection !


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