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Christmas Scented Candles: 6 options you must try

Christmas has arrived and at Candelinas we have created our own Christmas scented candles that will make your home smell of musk!

In this article we will see together 6 unique options that will fill your home with the sweetest Christmas aromas.

6 Christmas Scented Candles You Must Try

So let's take a detailed look at 6 Christmas scented candles with unique combinations that will blow your mind.

#1 Christmas Nut

This Snap Bar will transport you to an atmosphere full of sweet memories. Smell the scent of Christmas, with a unique composition of fragrances based on soft musk, biscuit and sweet vanilla, enriched with almond and walnut aromas, and a light hint of wood.

The special Limited Edition Christmas Nut snap bar was created exclusively for our beloved The Fashion Project. An ideal way to bring the spirit of Christmas into your space, enjoying these warm and sweet aromatic notes.

#2 Snowflakes

Moment of incomparable happiness, when the frozen snowflakes gently touch your face, in the infinite peace of the snowy landscape. A woody fragrance reminiscent of walks among fir trees, with notes of ylang ylang, pink rose, raspberry and spices. The Snowflakes snap bar is a very Christmasy choice.

#3 Christmas Carol

The Christmas Carol snap bar consists of an aromatic blend of sweetness and warmth, which awakens the senses like the atmosphere of a decorated town during the holidays, and the warmth that Christmas carols bring to the heart. The aroma of White Musk harmoniously combines with sweet vanilla, jasmine and gardenia, while a spicy note of pink pepper and citrus adds a sensual tone.

#4 Christmas Glee

All the Christmas joy wrapped up in a snap bar, Christmas Glee . The fragrance that will "paint" a smile on your face! Patchouli and vanilla, plum and jasmine combine with aromas of lemon, caramel and apple.

#5 Beautiful Bonfire

Imagine twinkling tree lights, a burning fireplace and a mug full of warm, delicious chocolate in your hands! In this dreamy picture, the Beautiful Bonfire snap bar cannot be missing, with aromas of sandalwood, rose petals, anise harmoniously united with the freshness of orange and ylang ylang.

#6 Christmas Pudding

The aroma of Christmas morning, full of sweetness that will not be forgotten. Sweet vanilla, cookies, warm milk and cinnamon make up a unique aroma that turns your space into a warm embrace. Try the Christmas Pudding snap bar now .

In a few words

In this article we mentioned 6 very Christmas snap bars that are worth trying.

Fill your home with the spirit, and of course the aroma of Christmas.

If you want to know more about our products, you can read in detail the descriptions of our perfumes and visit our Facebook page .

If you still need more information, you can send us a message and we will contact you soon!


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