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Shea Butter: What is it and what properties does it have?

What did you know about Shea Butter ?

However , we at Candelinas certainly love it. For this reason, in addition to the unique soy candles and snap bars in the shape of chocolate, we decided to create our own body care products, which of course also contain shea butter as an ingredient .

So let's discover more!

What is shea butter?

At its heart, shea butter is a fat extracted from the fruit of the shea tree. Its composition can be compared to that of thick cream and it is appreciated not only for its texture, but also for its abundance of beneficial ingredients.

Just think of shea butter as nature's moisturizer. It is a treasure trove of vitamins, fatty acids and natural properties that cover every need of the skin.

Whether applied alone or as an ingredient in countless beauty products, shea butter is a testament to nature's ability to nourish and rejuvenate.

Where does Shea Butter come from?

Shea butter comes from the Shea tree, scientifically known as Vitellaria paradoxa. This tree, native to the dry savannah zone of West Africa, has been offering its precious butter to the world for centuries.

Local women, often called "shea keepers", work diligently to harvest these fruits. After harvesting, they undergo a meticulous process that includes crushing, boiling and refining to give birth to the creamy shea butter that many of us know.

Interestingly, although the tree is known as Shea, shea butter takes its name from the word karite, which means tree of life, and is used in a Senegalese language because of its healing properties.

Shea Butter - Properties

Shea butter is n't just another ingredient on the back label of your skincare product. Let's see why:

#1 Vitamins galore

These vitamins are known for their healing properties on the skin, making shea butter an ally for those with demanding skin.

#2 Fatty acids

When it comes to hydration, the fatty acids in shea butter , namely stearic and oleic acids, are the MVPs. They ensure your skin stays hydrated and seal in moisture.

#3 Anti-inflammatory action

One of the lesser-known "heroes" of shea butter is a compound called lupeol cinnamate. It has been found to reduce skin inflammation, making shea butter a soothing solution for irritated skin.

#4 Natural sunscreen

Shea butter offers mild protection from UV rays thanks to its cinnamic acid content.

Because everyone loves shea butter

The love surrounding shea butter is not just a modern fad. Its use dates back to ancient Egypt, where queens such as Cleopatra are said to have kept jars of shea butter for their cosmetic use.

Today you'll find shea butter sprinkled into a myriad of beauty products, from lip balms to lotions and hair conditioners.

Our products rich in Shea Butter

At Candelinas we also really love shea butter , as we use it as an ingredient in our products.

#1 Black Coconut Body Scrub

Take care of your skin with Candelinas Body Scrub in mysterious Black Coconut scent. Get rid of unnecessary skin cells, maintain moisture levels and upgrade its elasticity. The combination of natural and nutritious elements will make your skin feel hydrated and soft, while the Black Coconut fragrance with notes of coconut, vanilla and aromatics will highlight your daily care routine.

Key ingredients: Shea butter, sunflower oil, Vitamin E

#2 Sunshine Body Scrub

Take care of your skin with Candelinas Body Scrub in Sunsine fragrance. Get rid of unnecessary cells from your skin, maintain hydration and increase its elasticity. The composition of natural and nutritious elements will make your skin feel hydrated and soft, while the Sunshine fragrance with notes of fresh leaves, apple and citrus on a base of peach and jasmine will enhance your daily care routine.

Key ingredients: Shea butter, sunflower oil, Vitamin E

If you want to know even more about body care products, read here .

The cultural significance of shea butter

In many African cultures, shea butter is not just a beauty product but is deeply woven into the mosaic of their traditions.

It is used in ceremonies, as a healing agent and even as a cooking ingredient! For example, in some communities, newborn babies are massaged with shea butter as a rite of passage and to protect their delicate skin from the elements.

In a few words

In a world overflowing with synthetic alternatives, shea butter is sure to stand out.

Shea butter is more than just a skincare ingredient - it's a story of tradition, nature and pure indulgence.

If you want to know more about our products, you can read in detail the descriptions of our perfumes and visit our Facebook page .

If you still need more information, you can send us a message and we will contact you soon!


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