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Choose the right scented candles for every room - Guide

Scented candles can transform any space in just minutes. They create atmosphere, improve the mood and give a wonderful feeling of relaxation. With countless scents, styles and materials to choose from, choosing the perfect scented candle for the space it may not always be an easy task.

At Candelinas , you will find the right perfumes for every moment and every corner of the house!

Handmade vegetable wax bars in the shape of chocolate ( snap bars ) that melt with the help of a reso and vegetable soy candles in wonderful aromas, upgrade your space in just 5'.

In this comprehensive guide you'll find all the information you need to choose the perfect fragrance for each room according to your preferences and lifestyle.

The notes in the perfume descriptions

A detailed description is all you need to choose the perfumes that suit you.

At Candelinas every snap bar it has all the information about the ingredients of the candle and its aromatic "notes". So by understanding more about aromatic notes, you can more easily choose the scented candle that suits you!

What are fragrance notes?

Essentially, scented candles are usually made up of three parts we call "notes": the top, the middle and the base.

Top notes are the initial scents you perceive when you light the candle and are usually light and refreshing.

The middle notes are the core of the fragrance and are the "strongest" and full.

Finally, the base notes provide depth and richness to the scent, lingering long after the candle has been extinguished.

The use and the atmosphere of the space matters

As you choose a scented candle for a particular room, it is worth considering the use of the room but also the atmosphere you want to create. After all, a beautiful fragrance can make all the difference!

Think about what you have combined with each space, how much time you and your loved ones spend in it and how you want to feel every time you are in that space.

A relaxing scent may be ideal for the bedroom, while an invigorating scent may be more appropriate for the bathroom or living room of your home.

Considering the usage of the room, you can easily choose a scented candle which upgrades the space, creates atmosphere and changes the mood of those who are in it.

Scented candles for the living room

The living room is the heart of the house, it is the place where one relaxes or spends time with family and friends. Choose welcoming and "flexible" fragrances for your living room. Some of our favorite options are:

#1 vanilla

Warm, comforting and universally appealing, vanilla is a classic choice for the living room.

Specifically, the Just Vanilla Snap Bar , consists of top notes of sweet peach and pineapple. Middle notes of white jasmine, wild rose and heliotrope and a base of buttery vanilla, tonka bean, sweet caramel and clean musk

#2 Sandalwood

With its rich, earthy aroma, sandalwood adds depth and sophistication to any living room.

The Snap Bar White Sandalwood with fragrance where contains notes of woods, powder and green elements with a trace of oriental influences will give new character to your living room.

#3 Citrus fruits

Fresh and invigorating, citrus scents such as orange, lemon or grapefruit can refresh and energize a space.

Snap Bar with Lemon, Lavender and Eucalyptus scent is the fresh scent that will upgrade your space in a few minutes.

Scented candles for the bedroom

The bedroom is a haven for rest and relaxation, the choosing a scented candle that promotes a sense of calm and peace is the most suitable for your bedroom.

#1 Lavender

Known for its calming properties, lavender is a great choice for a relaxer and restful sleep.

The absolute choice is the Coconut Milk Lavender !

Rich coconut milk and delicate lavender soothe your senses with the help of sweet herbs. Top notes of bergamot, lemon, lime and orange followed by a refreshing scent of fresh lavender, violet, lily, jasmine and rose balanced by notes of mint, peach and coconut. The fragrance is completed with a base of vanilla, musk and woody amber that will bring your senses into a state of peace.

#2 Evening Primrose

With the evening primrose scent, you now feel like you are enjoying your sleep in the countryside away from the noise city's.

Find her Snap Bar Night Flower which consists of top notes of cardamom, middle notes of patchouli, cinnamon and tonka and a base of Indian tuberose and evening primrose. It really is like a magical summer evening!

#3 Children's Bubble Bath

What's better than the scent of baby bubble bath to lie in your bed without worries and anxiety?

The Snap Bar Bed Time Baby will bring back memories of your most carefree age.

Bedtime Baby draws inspiration from a well-known baby bubble bath. It combines a rich floral fragrance, full of roses, freesia, lilac, mimosa and lily on a base of dry flowers and musk. It is a relaxing and lightly floral scent.

#4 Scent of fresh sheets

Another possible option is Between the sheets !

Between the sheets offers a delightful feeling of fresh clean sheets! Musky powder combined with violet, orange blossom, jasmine and lily. Dominant floral notes.

Scented candles for the bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with scented candles that evoke a sense of luxury and indulgence. Favorite bathroom options include:

#1 Dive in the sea

This refreshing scent will clear the mind and you will revive your senses.

Specifically we recommend it Midnight Swim .

A fragrance, rich in explosive top notes of lemon, bergamot and green apple mixed with middle notes of rose, cedar and jasmine in the heart.

With Midnight Swim feel the freedom and pleasure of evening swimming on a warm summer evening.

#2 Sea Breeze

A clean, fresh scent reminiscent of the ocean breeze.

The Beach Water Coconut is a refreshing fragrance with top notes of sea breeze, middle notes of coconut milk, peach, lily, hibiscus, rose, freesia and jasmine and finished with base notes of sandalwood, musk and amber.

Travel to an exotic beach and feel the magic of the different.

#3 Earl Gray tea

Totally connected to harmony and relaxation Lakeside Spa will delight you!

A combination of relaxing Earl Gray tea and bergamot with notes of lemon and sandalwood. Reminiscent of the smell of massage and treatment rooms in the best spas in the Lake District!

Scented candles for the kitchen

When choosing a scented candle for the kitchen, choose scents that complement the aromas of cooking without being overpowering. Our favourites fragrances for the kitchen are:

#1 Bun

Hardly anything compares to her cooking grandma! For this reason, the aroma of a fresh bun can take you back years to when you were children.

Tsureki Snap Bar consists of top notes of mastic, middle notes of strawberry and sunflower, and a base of vanilla and tonka. The smelliest bun you've ever tried!

#2 Ginger and Orange

A combination perfectly bound and matched, ginger and orange.

The Ginger Cookies with top notes of spicy ginger and orange, middle notes of cardamom and clove, and base notes of creamy nutmeg and cinnamon come together to bring a rich, subtle fragrance to life.

Make your kitchen smell like a freshly baked delicious cake that just came out of the oven.

#3 Cookie Scent

Vanilla and candy they get involved and remind of the sweet smell of fresh homemade cookies on a Sunday afternoon.

Sugared Vanilla Cookies are a delicious treat for the senses where sweet vanilla combines with creamy caramel and white chocolate on a base of warm spices. They will become your favorite cookies!

Quality counts

When choosing scented candles, prioritize quality.

Look for candles made with vegetable materials, such as soy, which burn cleaner and disperse more evenly than their paraffinic counterparts.

In addition, the high-quality aromatic oils will ensure an authentic and enjoyable perfume experience.

Enjoy this ultimate guide and explore the world of scented candles and curate a collection that perfectly complements your home and lifestyle.


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